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For twenty-five years, as editor of the largest newspaper group in the North West, Donegal man Pat McArt knew more about what was happening in Derry than anyone.

Through the depths of war to the establishment of the new peace, the Journal was the centre of civic society - and McArt was its voice.

He acted as the city’s chief advisor to the Irish, British and US governments. And he served as the trusted critic and counsellor of giants such as Hume, McGuinness and Daly, telling their stories with his trademark fairness and integrity.

In this revealing and insightful memoir, McArt reflects on a life of devoted service to the people of northwest Ireland, recalling the triumphs and the tragedies, the villains and the heroes. 

In generations to come, War, Peace and the Derry Journal will stand as a definitive insider’s account of the monumental changes that took place in Ireland in the latter part of the 20th century.

War, Peace and the Derry Journal by Pat McArt

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