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A hard-hitting new book examining the partitioning of Ireland and its consequences, by Derry author Darach MacDonald, has hit the shelves in January 2022.

‘Border: 1921-2021 - A Centennial Calibration’, which takes the form of an epic poem focussing on ten border regions, is published by Colmcille Press.

Retired newspaper editor MacDonald’s previous works - including ‘Hard Border: Walking Through a Century of Irish Partition’ (2018) and ‘Blood and Thunder: Inside a Protestant Marching Band ‘(2010) - have been widely critically acclaimed.

Border 1921-2021: A Centennial Calibration

  • By Darach MacDonald


    • Format: Paperback / Softback
    • Published On: December 2021
    • Publisher: Colmcille Press
    • ISBN / EAN: 9781914009266
    • Page Count: 76
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